Terms and Conditions

Separator Terms and Conditions

It is very important that you read the Terms and Conditions very carefully before booking your reservation in Ventura Fly & Ride. The total amount of your reservation will be charged to your card when you make the reservation.

Payments made with Visa or MasterCard, the charge will apply in US dollars any conversion to another currency will be held under the current exchange rate of your bank.

The statement will reflected the charge under the name of Ventura Fly & Ride.


  • All modifications or changes should be made at least 24 hours in advance of the confirmed date of your visit.


  • It is necessary that the holder of the credit card with which the payment was made, is presented with a photo ID. Otherwise your booking will not be valid.
  • If you have had recent or suffers from an ailment that can physically limit surgery, you should consult with our reservations staff before making your purchase.
  • If you have recently had surgery or an ailment that can physically limit you, you should consult with our reservations staff before making your purchase.


Fly & Ride, has implemented the precautions and hygiene measures according to the prevention recommendations established by the Federal Government, the Ministry of Health and local authorities, however, it is important to consider that there is an inherent risk of exposure to the virus called COVID -19 in any public place. It should be noted that the COVID-19 virus is an extremely contagious disease that can cause serious illnesses, including death, which is why, when visiting Fly & Ride, you voluntarily and tacitly assume all the risks related to exposure to the COVID-19 virus, defining a Reserva Bengala, SA de C.V., and its holding companies and subsidiaries of any contagion liability.

We invite you to comply with the rules imposed within the park, otherwise, Fly & Ride reserves the right, without liability, to request the departure of the guest in order to prevail the health of our guests and collaborators.