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Selvatica offers roundtrip transportation service because…

Traveling in a foreign country can be a daunting task. You’re on vacation! Let us do the work!

We’ll pick you up from your hotel AND drop you back off**. Transportation should take roughly an hour each way, depending on your starting point. You should return to your hotel approximately 5 and a half hours after pickup.

**There are some hotels that do not permit lobby pickups, so you may be redirected to a designated pickup spot.



Selvatica offers delicious Mexican food and beverages, like fajitas and jamaica (iced tea), and other available drinks. (Vegetarians, don’t fret. We haven’t overlooked you. There are vegetarian meals there too.)


  • Use the bathroom beforehand, even if you feel like you don’t have to (trust me on this one).
  • If you forgot a bathing suit or towel, check out the souvenir shop.
  • Protect your valuables by getting a locker and leaving everything there (remember, keys and other items may fall out while ziplining or any other activity)


  • Put one some fresh clean clothes by using the changing room.
  • Commemorate your once-in-a-lifetime Selvatica adventure by purchasing photos/videos.
  • Inquire about our Seed-of-Life-Program to leave your legacy in the Mayan jungle.
Separator Safety Services
  • First things first. Remember to ALWAYS wear the helmet and harness you’re provided you with, exactly as they instruct you to.
  • Selvatica takes safety seriously.
  • Throughout our 20+ years of experience, we have put safety first and foremost. We know how to keep you safe and secure. One of our methods is to break you guys & gals into manageable groups accompanied by one of our guides. Our guides know all the DO’s and DON’T’s, so be sure to pay attention to every instruction and guideline they give.
  • Our safety record speaks for itself. With Selvatica, you’re in safe hands.
  • Some activities are not recomended for people with heart conditions and pregnant women and young children , please contact one of our guides and inform us of any situation.
  • Some activities may be canceled if necessary by weather affectations.
  • At all times should follow the directions of our expert guides .
  • At all times must remain within the paths indicated .